Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Lexmark Genesis All In One Printer

Lexmark Genesis All In One Printer

Lexmark's new concept combines style, speed and elegance into one single all in one inkjet printer, termed the Genesis.

Utilising Flash Scan technology, the Genesis produces prints incredibly quickly and switches between print and scan functions in the blink of an eye. The scanning process is said not to last any longer than three seconds, based on the premise that your Operating System is up to date, your PC is equipped with an up to date specification in terms of hardware and the usage of character recognition software.
The Lexmark Genesis looks smart in its upright position, made even more slick by posessing a 4.4 inch color touch screen. The printer comes wirelessly enabled allowing you to access web technologies quickly, without the need for booting up your PC also. Browse through Twitter feeds, look through Facebook all from the printer itself, and upload scans to wherever you wish. This really is a printer for the current generation, which makes most other printers on the market look a bit cheap and dated.

If it's a classy, up to date and intuitive printer you are after to replace an old one, then look no further than the Lexmark Genesis. It really is a SmartSolution.  


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