Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Smartfish Engage Keyboard

Smartfish Engage Keyboard Ergonomically Efficient 

An on-going two year production from manufacturers Smartfish has finally been completed and is soon ready to be unveiled. The keyboard, previously known as the Pro Motion and Ergomotion, has been revamped with an elegant all-black finish and boasting a 150 dollar price tag. The keyboard exhibits an internal motor which adjusts the two halves of the keyboard based on the individuals typing frequency. The adjustments made help combat fatigue, an effort developed in collaboration with The Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City. The keyboard looks impressive, and the ideas behind the self-adjustement mechanism sound very sophisticated. Until the keyboard is officially released,...
  Dxg 5d7v Worlds First 3d Video Camcorder Posted as a New Invention on August 1, 2010 with 68 comments With the world beginning to get to terms with HD equipment, it is only fitting that the worlds first 3D enabled pocket camcorder has been launched. Courtesy of DGX, no glasses are required to appreciate the 3D imagery, utilising the 3.2-inch LCD camcorder display, on the included 3D 7-inch media player. The camcorder also takes 2D images and video, but the 3d feature will be the persuasive selling point. The camcorder includes touch-screen technology and a remote control allowing you to view and control your video content and still images quickly and effortlessly. Here are the technical specifications: DXG 3D Media Player Specifications: Dimensions: 8.39" (W) x 5.41" (H) x...

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